Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Cute freezer bag art Tee

What you will need:
>Freezer bag paper
>X-acto Knife
>Fabric paint (color of your choice)
Take your plain t-shirt(pocket free)-(I bought mine from Walmart they were 4 for 7$)
 Cut the tips of the sleeves off (just to the desired length) and trim off collar -kind of at an angle (for this will be a one sided shoulder revealing style shirt) You may want to put on the shirt and then mark where you want the shoulder to fall before cutting. (Remember: you can always take more off, but putting it back on is not so simple)
Take your freezer paper and draw what you want on your shirt (matte side of the freezer paper UP- Glossy side DOWN)

when you are finished you will need to take your X-acto knife and cut out your design (keep in mind that you will be blotting this design with paint so the only part of the design that will show, is the empty areas- Try to think of your stencil the middle part as the wrapper and the outside of the stencil is your desired candy :)
(you might want to place something under the paper so you don't cut up your table, floor etc)

When you are done,find your desired placement for your design on your t-shirt and iron -matte side up- paper onto your shirt with a low setting and(steam free) for about 30 secs
When you are finished the paper should be flat to the shirt without any lifting areas.
Take your paint(color of choice)& sponge an blot over the open areas of your design till coated evenly (you may want to put a piece of cardboard in between the inside of the shirt to avoid getting paint on the other side of your t-shirt)
When paint is near dry or completely dry, peel off freezer paper to reveal your awesome new Tee and design- 
Yup No joke, you are done! : D Now wear it with style- after all you made it, and what's cooler then that?! Really!


Anonymous said...

From cc.....Berry nice. I have a bunch of shirts I can do this with. Cute cute

Chelly said...

Awesome- I would love to see your designs afterwards if you want to post them : )

Jess said...

omg....LOVE! The owl is wayyy cute, and the off the shoulder trick brings out the artistic vibe of the finished creation! I will definitely get to doing this soon xxJess!

Chelly said...

Thank you Jess- I love Owls <3 an the off the shoulder tees are a def fav of mine :) I'm glad u like it, an TY sooo much for the feed back xoxo

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