Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trendy Freezer Bag Hat

I bought a 50 cent plain black hat from Walmart, took a piece of freezer bag square and cut it into strips, placed the strips in a plaid like positioning and ironed onto the hat (matte side up) for about 30 secs. Do not remove strips yet
Take some fabric paint (color of your choice, I chose blue) and a sponge and blot over freezer bag strips coating evenly through all the open holes.

when the paint is dry or near dry, peal off freezer bag strips revealing your lovely pattern : )
Now take some of your yellow paint (or whatever color you choose) and paint additional designs between the empty black lines, (I chose x's)

Now take some fabric, I chose flannel type blue and black plaid and ripped them into strips about 2 1/2- 3 inches long, (I first cut a small piece about 1/2 inch and then ripped the rest of the way down for a grundgy effect)

place them in a star like pattern such as this- and sew them, together in the middle then sew onto right side of hat (I would suggest putting the hat on and marking with tape where you want the flower to be placed, so it doesn't end up in a funky spot)
And now you are done : ) Enjoy your lovely fashionable (and quite the inexpensive) Trendy hat! (Oh yes, btw I chose to take the front of the hat - the lid- and sew it upward cause I thought it added some extra cuteness to the look, but it's completely your choice)

Voila! Your lookin Fabulous : D hehe


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Cathy said...

OMG Can I tell you how Gorgeous you are! (no Homo LOL) Thank you for stopping by my page. I love your blug and definitely followed !

Chelly said...

haha Awww Thank you Girl you re so sweet, an very beautiful yourself :) I will def follow your blog also, I hope your having a lovely day Cathy :D oh an I have a makeup blog on here that I use wayyyy more often than this one LOL it's at
Come check it out if you'd like :) ttyl buddy