Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Kinda Purse-onality :)

What you'll need: 
>Fabric Ribbon (black)
>Navy Blue Buttons
>Needle and black thread
>Heat N Bond (spray bottle with water and Iron)
>Kinda plain Purse

 I got this purse from Walmart for 9.00 on clearance- Reg:12.00
And wanted to show those of you who are creative great bargainers how you can create a truly cute/unique style purse on a budget 
: ) (but even if you are not on a budget it always feels nice to save money) 

 I bought some very inexpensive Fabric ribbon for 1.98 
Measure your fabric ribbon to your purse, side to side, leaving 1/4 inch on each side for a clean tucked edge.  
Find your desired placement and line the back with: Heat N Bond
[Heat N Bond is Ultra hold Iron-On adheisve is a paper backled sheet of solid heat activated adhesive. It uses a low temperature & short pressing time so it allows for a wider range of materials that can be bonded. Use with fabric, foil, lame, denim, felt, suede, leather, wood and cardboard. Machine washable. There is no steam or pressing cloth needed. It will not lift or pucker after washing. It's no-sew bond is three times stronger than any other traditional fusible web. and is about 1.50 in stores]

Measure it to your purse, folding the ends underneath and follow Heat N bond Instructions

Next Iron on as directed...

Take your buttons, (I chose a dark blue I got from Walmart for 1.48)establish where you would like the buttons to be placed- 
Now get your needle and thread ready for some quick hand sewing, I chose to lay them side by side vertically but you can place them wherever you like : )

Next sew your buttons in place starting from the inside-out to hide the knot

Now the last easy step is to just take your same needle and thread and sew the ends of your fabric stripes inward(just to assure a really tight hold)

And now you are finished-

Enjoy your purse and wear it with style- it's all your own : )
I love this one <3


Anonymous said...

hell of alot cuter than the original.. :) im lovin it like mcdonalds :) C.c Connell-Mussotte

Chelly said...

Thank you very much : DDD

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Crafty! And what a great idea! Your bag looks very awesome! :)

Chelly said...

Thank you girl :) I appreciate the feedback :D