Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY Lotus flower headband for only 2$ in less than 10 mins

How to make a Lotus flower headband for 2$ and in less than 10 minutes- Yup it's pretty dang simple!

What you'll need

and some elastic ribbon for the headband- this one was 1$ at Hobby Lobby

Step One
Your felt should be 14 inches by 6 inches 
Next you will fold it in half lengthwise(show above)
then you will be cutting it diagonally starting at 1 inch and working up to 3 inches at the end


With the fabric still folded in half you will begin cutting out small leaf shapes (shown above) Almost like a triangle but more rounded in the middle and skinnier at the base- 
Your felt should look like the above picture when done an open.

Step 3

Now you will begin making the flower by wrapping the smallest part of the leaves around your finger first, this will be the center of the flower(Remember to keep felt folded in half)- Now hot glue in place at the bottom border leaving the leaves open at the top- Continue rolling and gluing this into a circle

Step 4

Your flower should begin to look like this from the bottom- keep wrapping felt in a circle till you are done

Step 5

Next you will measure your child's head for the correct size you want your headband to be- Don't forget to add an extra inch for where you will be gluing the ends together- Now you will cut the elastic and hot glue the ends together- let the band sit for a minute to cool

Step 6

You'll want to find where you would like your flower to be placed on the headband- Next hot glue that area and wait about 5-7 seconds before applying the flower to the hot glue

Step 7

Hold the flower and band together for about 20 seconds- Wait for it to cool and Your done! Yup it's that simple, You have a beautiful Lotus flower headband for under 2$ and less than 5 minutes!

This is a great idea to use for party favors, kids fun photography, summer dresses, etc.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please feel free to leave a comment and show your love and support- Your feedback is greatly appreciated :) Lotta love xOxO